The Relevant Knowledge about Door Closers

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The Relevant Knowledge about Door Closers

In this article, we will introduce the relevant knowledge about door closers:

Door Closer can open the door automatically closed or fixed in a position of a similar to the spring of the hydraulic device, when the door opened can be released after compression, the door automatically closed, like the role of spring door, can ensure that the door is opened, accurate and timely closed to the initial position. Some have the function of leaf, and some have the fireproof performance. The main varieties are floor spring, door top spring, door slingshot, door device, door chuck, magnetic door suction and so on.

① ground spring: also known as the earth dragon. The device is under the door and window. Using gray cast iron, carbon steel, spring steel, cast steel and other processing parts, after assembly from.

(2) door top spring: the use of spring spring or spiral spring spring to close the door automatically. The internal buffer cylinder can reduce the closing speed.

(3) door slingshot: made of low carbon strip steel, and equipped with low carbon cold pull steel rod, the door will be closed by elastic action.

(4) door controller: a simple locator for braking door fan and avoiding the collision between door fan and wall. Installed at the outer and lower corners of the door, the door can be positioned at any Angle.

⑤ Door chuck: a fixed door opening device. It is composed of a knife-edge base and a triangular steel leather chuck. There are two types: horizontal and vertical. The base is cast with gray iron; The chuck is made of spring steel and its surface is treated with blue color.

Magnetic door suction head: the role of the door clamp door and window hardware head is the same, the use of permanent magnet suction door fan fixed, no noise when used.

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